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Reshape your packaging and create integrated packaging solutions


Retention packaging

The products meet the scope of valuables and fragile items, and may need to use suspension shock proof packaging. In addition, this packaging method will also be used in military rapid transportation to meet the shock proof requirements.

Medical packaging

For medical customers to customize a suitable packaging solution for their products

Automobile transmission shaft packaging design

As a special-shaped part of automobile parts, the technology team of Reallay has completed the design and development of the whole set of products through a series of links such as "research-design-proofing-road test", so as to meet customer requirements and complete one-stop integrated packaging service.

Scheme optimization (damaged carton)

Customers require that no change is allowed in the outer box and the inner part of the outer box to optimize the packaging scheme.

Cost reduction of pallets and elimination of cargo damage

After the company tray was placed on the shelf for 3 months, it had obvious overall bending and edge sinking, and the cost was high. Customers need to solve deformation problems and reduce packaging costs.

Heat shrinkable film packaging

Heat shrinkable film packaging is one of the most advanced packaging methods in the market. Shrink wrap is used to wrap the product or package outside. After heating, shrink film is used to wrap the product or package to fully show the appearance of the goods, improve the exhibition and sale of the products, and increase the beauty and sense of value.