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Reshape your packaging and create integrated packaging solutions


According to the on-site investigation of customers, Reallay packaging carries out packaging diagnosis improvement and planning design, that is, from the performance and market positioning of product parts, transportation environment, etc., in combination with the performance of packaging materials, buffer packaging design of products and other additional requirements design, packaging test and other aspects of the product to carry out a comprehensive packaging scheme design.

Through the design of the overall packaging solution of the technical team, we can comprehensively improve customer pain points and carry out all-round management, so as to implement one-stop packaging service.

Our technical team has many years of packaging experience, the enterprise has paper product proofing machine, a variety of experimental testing equipment, etc., we believe that our users can benefit from the following design features of Reallay:

· Neutral, unbiased and user-oriented design principles

· Optimize packaging and logistics costs

·  Reduce the cost of packaging development for users