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JIT means to send the necessary parts to the production line at the necessary time with the necessary quantity, and only send the required parts, only with the required quantity, only at the right time. This is a production system and a logistics system serving the production system established to meet the needs of diversification and personalization of consumption in the 1960s.


VMI is a cooperative strategy for users and suppliers to obtain the lowest cost. Under a common agreement, VMI is managed by suppliers, and constantly monitors the implementation of the agreement and modifies the content of the agreement, so that inventory management can be continuously improved. This kind of inventory management strategy has broken the traditional inventory management mode of independent management. It embodies the integrated management idea of supply chain and adapts to the requirements of market changes. It is a new and representative inventory management idea. At present, VMI plays an important role in the distribution chain, so more and more people pay attention to it.